That is what makes a good dog boarding

If you cannot take your dog on vacation with you, you are often well advised to go to an animal hotel. A good dog boarding house is not always easy to find. You should pay attention to these criteria when choosing. How the animals are handled there is an important feature for a good dog house - Image: Shutterstock / salpics32

A vacation with a dog is not for everyone. A good dog boarding house is often the better choice here - especially when it comes to long air travel. There are a few points where you can see the quality of a pension. This includes, among other things, the premises, the equipment and the handling of the animals.

A good dog house offers a replacement home

Take a close look at the potential vacation home of your four-legged friend. The best thing to do is to drop by spontaneously - this will give you a good insight into the everyday life there. It is of course important that the dogs live spaciously. Small boxes or kennels are definitely not a sign of good dog boarding. The animals need space. Also look at the dogs there: do you look happy and relaxed? Do you play with each other? How does the staff deal with them? If the animals are lying around lethargically or look unhealthy, this of course does not speak for the quality of the animal pension.

Tips: You should pay attention to this

If you are in the dog boarding, have the food shown. High quality nutrition is important. You should also make sure that there is always enough water available. Bring your dog directly with you. Then you can immediately see how he feels in the new environment.

If you are still unsure whether you have found a good dog boarding house, ask around a bit what other pet owners have had there. Do a little research on the Internet - there are often reviews of different houses.

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