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Raising Great Dane: This is important

If you want to train a Great Dane, you should rely on gentle consistency. Sensitivity is also in demand with the sensitive breed. You can find tips on this topic here. Raising a Great Dane requires expertise - Image: Shutterstock / MF Photo

Large, gentle and spirited - this is how this dog is often described. If you want to breed a Great Dane, you have not necessarily chosen a dog for beginners. Although representatives of this breed are generally friendly and patient, their size and temperament make them somewhat more difficult to tame than smaller four-legged friends.

Start education and socialization early

When keeping the Great Dane, it is extremely important that you start socializing at an early stage - this applies to both dealing with people and other animals. This dog is often very attached to his caregiver, sometimes he is rather skeptical towards strangers. Here it is important that he learns quickly how to behave. A dog school or a dog trainer can provide good help here.

Great Dane: Large but gentle

Raising Great Dane: This is still important

If you are training a Great Dane, you should consider its character. Although it is a bundle of energy that sometimes has to be tamed, it is also very sensitive at the same time. So don't be too rough with the dog. Positive motivation and friendly but consistent behavior on your part are the right choice here. The four-legged friend reacts rather stubbornly to severity and hardness.