Development of a kitten: The first four weeks

Kittens go through an astonishingly rapid development. Since they are still in the protective care of their mother for the first four weeks, people only get to know these stages of development from afar - nevertheless it is very exciting to know them! Sleep, cuddle, drink: These kittens have to be big and strong - Image: Shutterstock / Gray Carnation

Drink milk, cuddle, sleep: for the first few weeks, kittens are only with their mother. There they enjoy the warmth and protection, because the tiny ones cannot cope on their own.

The first two weeks of a kitten

For the first few days, a kitten is completely helpless. His eyes and ears are still closed, it only weighs between 60 and 110 grams and his fur is so thin that it absolutely needs the warmth of his siblings and the cat mother. Through his fur you can usually still see the pink skin shimmering, and sometimes you can also see part of the umbilical cord.

At six to seven days, the kittens first open their eyes a little, then completely. When the tiny kitten is between seven and twelve days old, its ears are still closed and lie flat, while the light blue eyes are already open at this time. The little ones need all their energy to grow, grow tall and strong during this time. Only a lot of sleeping and drinking milk helps!

Week two to four: "Hello world!"

If the kitten already carefully looks around and makes the first clumsy, somewhat helpless attempts to walk, it is between two and three weeks old. Now the ears should have opened and are still very small, but stand out like an adult cat. Now the kittens also have small, pointed teeth.

Welcome to the world, you tiny kitties

A four-week-old kitten is still very small and helpless, but is already playful and begins to react to sounds and movements in the environment. The little ones are now slowly preparing to discover the world and play with their siblings. From now on, it will be exciting for the clumsy little four-legged friends, because soon the first tour of discovery is coming!