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Oriental shorthair: what is its nature?

The oriental shorthair has a lively character and builds a very close relationship with its people and fellows. Her charming nature makes you simply have to love this cat. Typical for the Oriental Shorthair: Your sociable character - Image: Shutterstock / Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH

Like most oriental people, the oriental shorthair is one of the cats that never gets bored. Shyness and reluctance are not usually part of her character traits, but many exciting qualities.

Talkative cat who loves attention

This cat moves gracefully and elegantly through the world and is always happy to prove that she has a lot to tell. Commenting on everything with a variety of sounds is simply part of it for them. If she does not feel that her people are paying enough attention to her, she can also become louder: The amount of attention she needs cannot be overlooked and ignored.

The oriental shorthair: smart and enthusiastic about learning

The oriental shorthair likes to learn quickly and is one of the particularly skillful domestic cat breeds. If you want to teach the Orientalin something, you will very likely get good results quickly. He also makes the cat happy by learning tricks because she loves spending time with her people.

Playful, spirited character

Her great temperament ensures that the beautiful velvet paw with the exotic appearance needs a lot of work and variety. Even older representatives of this cat breed mostly like to play for their lives - but cuddling with their people is at least as important to them.

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She typically enjoys and needs not only the closeness to the bipeds she lives with, but also to her animal counterparts. She is extremely sociable and loves interacting with other cats. Therefore, you should not keep them alone if possible.